Swiss Cultural Fund UK

Swiss Cultural Fund UK

ambit_ a series of contemporary design exhibitions

am·bit (ˈambɪt) The scope, extent, or bounds of something.
Late Middle English (in the sense ‘precincts, environs’):
from Latin ambitus ‘circuit’, from ambire ‘go around’.



Ambit is the result of a close collaboration between the Swiss Cultural Fund UK (SCF), Blattler Ltd and Presence Switzerland to give emerging graphic design, product design, design theory and research, digital design and contemporary making a platform in a not-for-profit framework to establish an intercultural dialogue between Swiss designers and the London public.


Over the course of one year, emerging Swiss Design will be presented in a series of exhibitions. This initiative was taken to give the vibrant, innovative design movement in Switzerland a presence in the context of one of the world’s leading cultural cities, examining the scope of contemporary design questions and approaches.


Design plays a significant, and often overlooked, role in everyone’s lives. We operate and surround ourselves with items that may suit a specific purpose, but functionality is often only the initial drive in choosing or finding a solution. Whether it is a font, an object or a tool we operate, in Le Corbusier’s words most things belong to the machine of living.


Without attempting to present a comprehensive overview of Switzerland’s design scene, we invite you to reflect on the vast scope of different design practices, with various overlaps from the printed word to the crafted object.