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The Trilogy Series at Next Level Project Space_2010/2011

The Trilogy 2010/2011_Swiss Contemporary Photography


Jules Spinatsch_2010

Patrick Hari_2010

Ruth Erdt_2011


Ruth Erdt's project The Naked House was the final exhibition in the Swiss Trilogy at the Next Level magazine gallery space. Erdt traces an object with braille touch skills to create each ambiguous form. In The Naked House, Erdt employed traditional techniques to build each photogram where shadows replace reflections in the process of production.

The process behind each image is integral to Erdt's photographic approach. Her entire oeuvre focuses on a thematic structure that shifts and emerges through time. In The Naked House, portraits, objects and elements of the natural world coexist under the same roof, yet their true identity and relationship is hidden in darkness, calling upon what Charlotte Cotton has described in ‘The Photograph as Contemporary Art’ as Erdt’s “conscious paring down of detail” that leads to a universal and symbolic reading of the central themes.