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Swiss Cultural Fund UK

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“Not only did the SCF make my project possible through its generous support, but it also gave it a seal of approval from a respected institution that allowed me to secure funds from further sponsors.”

Nicolas Feldmeyer, artist


"The SCF's support for our presentation of works by ECAL graduates was invaluable both in terms of the financial assistance offered but also for the Fund's advocacy of the exhibition and the gallery's remit. Through this support, we were able to offer the designers and the school a showcase in London during one of the most celebrated and well-attended events in the design calendar, thereby promoting their own agendas and abilities."

Libby Sellers, Design Gallerist



"This year the Edinburgh International Festival presented Christoph Marthaler’s Meine faire Dame and I am deeply grateful to the Swiss Cultural Fund UK (SCF) for the important role it played in helping to make this possible. SCF’s contribution enabled the Festival to bring Theater Basel to Edinburgh, showcasing work by Christoph Marthaler, one of Switzerland’s most important living artists whose work is rarely seen in the UK."

Jonathan Mills, Festival Director
Edinburgh International Festival