am[11]bit: fake fashion factory_n.laake,, a.kiener, t.lauer, l.bartulovic

1st June 2017
30th June 2017

A ‘fake fashion factory’ was installed for the eleventh Ambit exhibition in the umlaut¨ project space. In collaboration with Lucerne University’s Illustration Department, the creators of the prize-winning Swiss Comic Art magazine ‘Ampel’ re-created an illustration studio in the exhibition space. During a one-week residence in London they took polaroids of passers-by, to then re-interpret their style as illustrations on pieces of paper. In fact the five illustrators Noemi Laake, Anja Wicki, Andreas Kiener, Till Lauer and Luca Bartulovic had no connection to fashion illustration, and as a result the drawings shown in Ambit turned out to be their own sometimes hilarious renderings of a fashion-style.

Photo©Blattler LTD