About us

I relish the notion that art and culture serve, at the same time, as an enrichment to our individual inner worlds and as a bridge-builder between different nationalities, social backgrounds and languages.

Markus Leitner, Ambassador of Switzerland to the UK


about us

The Swiss Cultural Fund UK (SCF) supports Swiss cultural interventions across many artistic fields to British audiences and contributes to an intercultural dialogue between Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

The Fund champions most artistic genres, from music to design, the visual arts to performance and architecture to literature, enabling both emerging and established artists to present themselves to the public through a wide range of cultural institutions and venues in the United Kingdom.

our mission

Our mission is to develop a range of cultural events and projects allowing Switzerland’s artistic scene to be presented in the United Kingdom with special emphasis on the encouragement of new talents. Our aim is to showcase the best selection of artists and to collaborate with renowned institutions and partners throughout the United Kingdom to ensure the widest possible exposure and a mutually beneficial cultural exchange.



Erica Bolton, arts publicist

Alain de Botton, writer/philosopher

Dr Ursula Jones OBE, co-founder of the English chamber orchestra/archaeologist 

Alice Rawsthorn, writer

Iwan Wirth, president and co-founder Hauser & Wirth


honorary patron

Ambassador Markus Leitner, Ambassador of Switzerland in the United Kingdom


board of trustees

Nicolas Feldmeyer

Jonas Georgsson

Ruby Glaskin

Azmina Jasani

Alexandra Müller-Crepon

Daniela Neugebauer

Rene Renner

Caroline Widmer

Alys Williams


company secretary

Julie Zeller

In reaching its decisions, the board of trustees can count on the opinions and advice of its broad network of contacts among cultural institutions in both countries and individual experts within the various cultural spheres.

The trustees appreciate this fruitful collaboration which is helpful in maintaining the Fund’s cultural standards as well as the quality of the projects it promotes, in terms of both the artists and the institutions presenting them. 

Company limited by guarantee

Charity number 803628

Company number 02474866

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