our mission

The Swiss Cultural Fund in the UK supports Switzerland’s artistic
scene in the United Kingdom through a programme of cultural and educational events and projects, with special emphasis on the encouragement of new talent.

We aim to showcase the best selection of artists and to collaborate
with renowned institutions and partners throughout the United
Kingdom to ensure the widest possible exposure and a mutually beneficial cultural exchange.

19 Sep 18
09 Dec 18

Parasol Unit Foundation for Contemporary Art, London N1 7RW

I was really thrilled to receive funding from the Swiss Cultural Fund UK towards the creation and tour of Who Killed Bambi?, a dance work I created in 2015. SCF support was determining in allowing me to achieve a production of high standard. SCF’s early participation in my fundraising effort gave the project a legitimacy that was essential to securing additional funding and bringing this project to life.

Renaud Wiser, Choreographer and Artistic Director at Renaud Wiser Dance Company