am[14]bit: who the hell is Mr Brockmann?_Demian Conrad

2nd October 2017
28th October 2017

Demian Conrad spent a week in the Ambit project space, during which he studied the influence of Swiss book design and typography on London design practice. The research consisted in interviewing different personalities from the London cultural field; through anecdotes and stories a mosaic of images was installed in the project space, representing the many influences of Swiss typography on the London design scene. Who The Hell is Mr Brockmann? built a bridge between the typographic traditions and practices of the two countries, showing a clear link between them. Demian Conrad welcomed guests such as Richard Hollis, Holger Jacobs, Giovanna Lisignoli, Michele Jannuzzi, Bruno Maag, Fraser Muggeridge, Stuart Tolley and Freda Sack.

Photo©Blattler LTD