am[17]bit: Ecaille_Luciano Dell'Orefice

8th March 2018
30th March 2018

Ecaille was conceived as part of a spatial project for the Independent Paper Show 2017 in Switzerland, a fair that showcased the products of craftsmen, printers and other paper industry professionals. At Umlaut space, industrial designer Luciano Dell’Orefice created modular spatial interventions using Ecailles – meaning scales or tiles – which, when assembled, formed units within a diverse chromatic plate. Every Ecaille is user-friendly because of added notches that allow users to modulate it according to their needs. In isolation, each tile is fragile and inoperable. However, clipped together like a jigsaw or random puzzle, the tiles seem to strengthen each other and offer a spectacular parable of paper as a ‘fragile support for the essential’.

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