am[2]bit: Gamut_Julien Tavelli and David Keshavjee

10th June 2016
16th July 2016

GAMUT was an exhibition by Julien Tavelli and David Keshavjee, also known as design duo Maximage. In recent years Maximage spearheaded Color Library, an ongoing study on colours, which is part of "Workflow," a research project on printing technologies led by ECAL (University of Art and Design Lausanne) and funded by HES-SO/University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland. A selection of publications by various designers and artists was on display, which had been significantly altered or experimented with using this novel database and colour management solution. A publication and different sets of postcards, made in collaboration with the London collective V.BLOCC , was also launched at the opening.

Photo©Blattler LTD