am[4]bit: Stolz und Demut_Bartholdi + Hörr and Blattler Ltd

16th September 2016
17th October 2016

Stolz & Demut (pride and humility) was a limited edition of design objects which defy the boundaries between art, design and craftsmanship. The objects were the result of a collaboration between Bartholdi + Hörr and Blattler Ltd which dates back many years, where the objects have been perfected and developed, challenging the nature of materials used. Demut explored feelings of humility and humbleness. A light sculpture stood tall and proud one minute and bowed in humility the next. A magnetic copper weight was attached directly to the wood, making the light bend more or less depending on the position of the weight. The other object was a floating wing-shaped chaise longue crafted of solid wood and steel, the sole materials used to create Stolz.

Photo©Blattler LTD