am[7]bit: Inside Terrain Vague_Sophie Staub and Roland Brauchli

3rd February 2017
20th February 2017

 This instalment was another edition of Brauchli/Staub’s ongoing collaboration ‘Another Spot to Visit’, where they investigate shifts in contemporary design and art. In the exhibition the idea of uneven ground and undefined spaces within the urban context invited the viewer to engage in a more general reflection about the idea of an open state of possibilities and its role in the process of design. The interior suggested the notion of an undomesticated open space through a selection of designed objects, texts and images. The selected objects came from independent designers and design critics from a wide range of disciplines such as urban design, illustration, textiles, paper, furniture, product and graphic design featured work by Laetitia de Allegri, Mandy Brandan, Marlis Candinas, Fabien Capello, Designbutik, Michael Huebner, Paul Knight, Mickaël Marchand, Giles Round and others.

Photo © Blattler Ltd