Annular Unstructured_Free Form Swallows Function

10th September 2021
31st December 2021

Annular is a web-magazine and information portal dedicated to wood culture and timber building. It seeks to bring a new, inclusive perspective to today’s forest, wood, tree and timber cultures. The ‘Free Form Swallows Function’ focus casts its lens on the dynamic Swiss timber engineering, research and materials scene featuring the works of Hermann Blumer, Lukas Imhof, TimberTec, Biel Wood School and others.

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Ekkharthof by Lukas Imhof Architektur. Image: Lucas Peters

Swatch Headquaters by Shigeru Ban Architects (Hermann Blumer Engineering). Image: Didier Boy de la Tour

Sportzentrum Gstaad by K&L Architekten (Timbatec Engineering). Image: Timbatec