6th June 2019
30th June 2019

The theme of this year’s Belfast Photo Festival was Truth and Lies. Three Swiss photographers participated: Matthieu Gafsou with his project H+; Cortis & Sonderegger with Double Take; and Marc Lee on the Political Campaigns and the Battle of Opinion on Social Media. On 8 June Matthieu Gafsou talked about Transhumanism, and on 9 June Cortis & Sonderegger gave a talk on their ongoing project ‘Icons’.

H+ is a project focusing on transhumanism, a movement advocating the use of science and technology to enhance humans’ physical and mental abilities. It talks about our bodies, our everyday lives and our relationship to technology, as well as opening up future prospects.

Double Take is a project in which iconic historical pictures are reproduced as three-dimensional models and photographed so that they in turn represent images that are astonishingly close to the original scene. However, the illusion is broken by the inclusion of the studio environment.

Political Campaigns confronts us with a view beyond the bounds of our own opinions. It is an Interactive Net-Based TV Show that filters the latest Twitter, Instagram and YouTube posts according to the leading candidates of the parties in political campaigns. The posts are woven together and images, tweets and videos flicker across the screen in real time.

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