Take Care of Yourself © Julien Mudry

Cie Moost _Marc Oosterhoff_Take Care Of Yourself

6th July 2018
6th July 2018

THE STAGE review:

In Take Care of Yourself (★★★), Swiss parkour practitioner Marc Oosterhoff puts his body on the line in a series of high-wire stunts. Cigarette in mouth, several shots down, he drunkenly stumbles through a minefield of mousetraps. As he leans back in his chair over a line of menacingly large knives, it makes for almost-unbearable watching. With its curtailed running time, it ends up feeling slight, but what it lacks in profundity it makes up for in the pure exhilaration of risk.


Swiss dancer/choreographer Marc Oosterhoff is not afraid to put his life on the line for the greater good. He currently works as an acrobat / dancer / actor for YoungSoon Cho Jaquet, while still continuing to search for a mixed art form, bringing together dance, theatre, contemporary circus and performance art.