Edit Oderbolz_ Behind the Lid_ SCULPTURE AT

13th April 2018
30th September 2018

Edit Oderbolz developed Behind the Lid as part of Bermondsey Square's temporary public sculpture commission SCULPTURE AT. The piece was informed by the various uses of Bermondsey Square throughout the week: a place of transit, a place of rest for residents and people who work in the area, and the site of a weekly antiques market. Considering these uses and reflecting on our needs and expectations towards our environment, Oderbolz built the very basic structures of a house. Half of the roof was covered by a solid metal plate, while soft curtains were attached to the other side of the roof. Behind the Lid explores relationships between private and public space, cover and protection, shelter and safety while holding the belief that it is only in everyday life that boundaries and spaces between individual and community become tangible and therefore accessible to change.

Photo © Jonathan Bassett