Junebug _Trip the Light _Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016

5th August 2016
13th August 2016

The emerging dance company Junebug, all graduates of the Ballet Junior Genève, performed a triple bill of three shorter dance pieces during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

In the most recent piece Carte Blanche, created for the run in Edinburgh, the company collaborated with Pauline Raineri and actor Arnaud Mathey of WAVE, who assisted in the direction of the piece. Through extensive rehearsing the piece was brought to life and led to a unique and personal result, custom-made in collaboration with the audience, exploring the role of improvisation and the interplay with contemporary dance. Based on the audience's input and suggestions, the dancers created a series of choreographic tableaux: the audience could choose the music, the theme and other elements leading to a multitude of unique and different tableaux each time.

Photo©Antonin Rioche