M. Bernard-Reymond, B. Aeberli, G. Bianchetti, A. Schori, L. Amuat, Z. Meyer, N. Mokhtar_OFFSHORE

4th June 2015
9th July 2015

Offshore presents eight Swiss photographers who work around the notion of territory, focusing on constellations where photography crosses the borders of its own medium. In multidisciplinary approaches the artists present their work in different techniques from collage, painting, sculpture and architecture to graphic design, expanding the scope of the photographic discipline. The works by Mathieu Bernard-Reymond, Bruno Aeberli, Giacomo Bianchetti, Anja Schori, Lena Amuat, Zoe Meyer and Noha Mokhtar were presented in shipping containers on one of Belfast’s main squares in the city centre, and sparked the curiosity not only of cultural audiences but also of passers-by.

Photo © Belfast Photo Festival