Mathis gasser_From Mast to Mast

2nd July 2016
24th July 2016

Mathis Gasser produced new work for his solo exhibition at Piper Keys, an interesting platform for contemporary art tucked away in Greenwich’s industrial area. Gasser’s most recent work comprises sculpture, painting, and a publication of reproductions of collages. His paintings were inspired by two main sources: the Marshall Plan 2 poster competition for European artists, and sci-fi film imagery, where recognisable industry is juxtaposed with fantasy technology. In his sculptural work, forms have been modelled in plaster and perspex. Gasser assembles eBay purchases, ranging from model spacecraft to sailing ships which are embalmed in plaster, suggesting a single almost-organic surface. The narrative of the voyager or explorer runs through the body of work and, although frozen in plaster, echoes the desire to conquer new possibilities and explore unknown territories.