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24th August 2024
24th August 2024

Palais de Danse brings the sights, sounds, smell and feel of dance halls to the outdoor space. An evocative, absurd, multi-sensory flashback (with a modern ‘Twist’) to a night out in late 1950s* Britain – teenage rituals, sugared petticoats and powder puffs, caddish fellows, dancing the ‘Pony’ and girls breaking the ballroom rules.

A celebration of the collective excitement of teenage nights on the dancefloor then and now.

*Miss High Leg Kick's offbeat, edgy, contemporary re-imagining of an era bringing together artists who seek to bridge the gap between the experiences of their own teenagers going out for the first time and their grandmothers' generation.

Miss High Leg Kick, Palais de Danse, show première: Appetite’s The Big Feast, Stoke-on-Trent Centre (Hanley), Saturday 24 August 2024.

More information coming soon