Renaud Wiser Company_Who killed Bamby?

7th February 2015
12th March 2015

Renaud Wiser’s piece Who Killed Bambi? dissects and explores the behaviour of individuals within a group and the animal dynamics associated with peer pressure. Understood as a critical allegory on current affairs, referencing dominating forces and the failing of the individual within society, Wiser successfully transmitted universal emotions in his physical narrative. The stage design of the Bambi production consisted of a menacing construction, made of fur-like material, which appeared as both hunting trophy and platform for the scenes to unfold. Who Killed Bambi? is yet another addition in Wiser’s diverse repertoire and will certainly be presented in other venues across the UK in the months to come. This work between dance, theatre, music and stage design was a joint effort by choreographer Renaud Wiser in close collaboration with theatre director and Royal Court Theatre international associate Richard Twyman and composer Oliver Coates.

Photo©Renaud Wiser