Rimini Protokoll_Remote London

1st August 2016
20th October 2016

Rimini Protokoll’s Stefan Kaegi, Ilona Marti and Jörg Karrenbauer have created a unique trail through London. Through the playful guidance of a computer-generated voice, people who have never met before come together to explore the city from the perspective of artificial intelligence. The audience, or herd, as referred to by Rachel the AI-persona and tour guide, is led through different parts of London and invited to have a new look at an otherwise familiar environment. With Rachel’s voice in our ears, the herd strolls, marches and runs through different streets, is asked to stop and observe and passers-by, whose attention is grabbed by the cluster of people with headphones acting ‘differently’, become the involuntary actors of this immersive theatre experience.

Photo©Rimini Protokoll