Sam Porritt_Grist to the Mill

29th September 2016
12th November 2016

At VITRINE, viewable 24 hours a day, a site-specific installation combines Porritt’s work in sculpture and drawing. The installation by the Zurich-based artist consists of a series of large interconnected cogs featuring drawings of faces that endlessly turn on each other within the vitrine space, situated on the public square. “Grist To The Mill” succinctly sums up what it is to be at the mercy of our times, hostage to our own biology and subject to external forces beyond our control. VITRINE London has a sister in Basel, launched in April 2016. It replicates the Bermondsey Square model in a new location, allowing greater promotion of artists and creating cultural links between the two countries.

©VITRINE, London/Basel. Photographer Jonathan Bassett