Sarina Scheidegger


29th May 2019
29th May 2019

Aggregates is curated by Nora-Swantje Almes and Camille Schmid. It is a performance trilogy that aims to fuse queer-feminist strategies and marginalised narratives with the pressing concern of environmental ecology, while exploring shape-shifting qualities. On 29 May, Sarina Scheidegger and Jimena Croceri will be performing Nosotrxs, Cuerpos de Agua (Part II). They explore the fluid conditions which are inherent in our bodies, the sea, the waves and glaciers. Through a variety of sound, movements, texts and objects, they engender a sense of physical interconnectedness with their surroundings. Enacted through repetition, the performance demonstrates the potentiality of intersections across difference and connectedness, between closeness and distance, and between inside and outside.

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