Sisters from another mister _I am the grass beneath my feet

29th April 2017
7th May 2017

Sisters From Another Mister is a joint artistic identity of Amelia Prazak (Switzerland) and Milda LembertaitÄ— (Lithuania). SFAM’s ongoing investigation of the human body in an ever-changing environment, where displacement, increasingly condensed urban landscapes and technology seem to overpower one’s human identity, was exhibited at Chalton Gallery. In their free-wheeling practice the two artists employ gender play, witty sculptural forms, musical interludes and video works in which they often feature. Humorous scenarios function as a pretext for more complex positions. Their approach to technology is body-oriented and emotional: the use of video as an extension to the physical self. Here, in this new form of evolution, the human body - unwilling or unable to keep up with the technology and demands of global capital - dreams of another existence, a life of constantly shifting borders and colours, plunging into another element: the importance of being elsewhere.

Photo ©Courtesy of the artist