Ums 'n Jip_London Ear Festival of Contemporary Music

23rd March 2018
25th March 2018

Ulrike Mayer-Spohn and Javier Hagen, the two members of Ums’n’Jip, performed at this year’s London Ear Festival of Contemporary Music alongside flute virtuoso Roberto Fabbriciani, pianist Jonathan Powell and violist Tomoko Akasaka. They also performed new works by composers from Japan and Greece, as well as Berio’s virtuosic Gesti. The musicians both studied classical music and composition as well as audio design under various renowned teachers. In their music the duo mix countertenor vocals with contemporary electronics. Ums’n’Jip made a name for themselves as a new music ensemble through their collaborative, transdisciplinary approach in which they add aesthetic and performative elements to their live concerts.