Valentina Pini_Tonic Immobility

1st May 2017
30th May 2017

Tonic immobility is a form of temporary paralysis, occurring amongst some animals when under extreme stress or threat. Valentina Pini’s exhibition drew from in-between states of passivity and activity, like day-dreaming or dozing off, where reality merges with subconscious processes.

Although perceived as negative characteristics associated with idleness, more and more people seek forms of relaxation to escape our reality of constant exposure to information, where being ‘switched on’ has become the ‘new normal’. The artist suggested that by active relaxation our productivity might be improved. At the Deptford X galleries she created a charging bay - more medical zone than space for drifting off - where the viewer is encouraged to contemplate our online fixation and the need to process and unplug.

Photo©Valentina Pini