ambit_ a series of contemporary design exhibitions

am·bit (ˈambɪt) The scope, extent, or bounds of something. Late Middle English (in the sense ‘precincts, environs’): from Latin ambitus ‘circuit’, from ambire ‘go around’.

Ambit is the result of a close collaboration between the Swiss Cultural Fund UK (SCF), London-based Swiss design studio Blattler Ltd and Presence Switzerland to give emerging graphic design, product design, design theory and research, digital design and contemporary making a platform in a not-for-profit framework to establish an intercultural dialogue between Swiss designers and the London public.

Swiss Design in its various forms is presented in a series of exhibitions. This initiative was taken to give the vibrant, innovative design movement in Switzerland a presence in the context of one of the world’s leading cultural cities, examining the scope of contemporary design questions and approaches.

Design plays a significant and often overlooked role in our contemporary society and it operates on two levels: functionality and aesthetics mingle and characterize every object, item, poster and advertisement that, in Le Corbusier’s words, are part of our machine of living. It is on the second level, the aesthetics, that Ambit wants to focus, presenting design and its various expressions under this particular aspect.

Ambit’s aim is to create a space to trigger a dialogue between the Swiss and the British design fields. The general public and artists working with design are invited to reflect on the vast scope of different design practices, with various overlaps from the printed word to the crafted object. 

Update: Dec. 2018

Ambit, a series of monthly exhibitions which have taken place at Umlaut¨ the project space by Blattler Ltd in London’s East End has come to an end in December 2018. Ambit has reached its goals by offering a platform to Swiss Design during three successful years. It has closed its doors in London but will live on in various other formats to establish an intercultural dialogue between Switzerland and the UK.

My experience working with the Swiss Cultural Fund UK was deeply enriching. I had a unique opportunity to dive into London culture and exchange ideas with top local graphic designers and artists. This was a rare opportunity that helped me to grow my perception and understanding of Swiss design culture abroad. I thank them for their valuable support and for taking care of all aspects of the project.

Demian Conrad, Artist and Designer,

Artist in Residence for Am[14]bit