SCF_Lukas Truniger_Distributive Intelligence

Lukas Truniger_ Distributive Intelligence

19th September 2024
29th September 2024

Sonica Glasgow invites Swiss artists Lukas Truniger and Marie Delprat for its eighth edition. The biennale presents the best of UK talent alongside exceptional international artists, taking place across the city in numerous venues exploring visual music and sonic and digital arts.

Lukas Truniger’s Distributive Intelligence illustrates the ways in which behaviours change across groups, and how the smallest actions can snowball into seismic trends. Simple, light-emitting modules, each knee-high, fill the space, blinking on and off in response to algorithms that mimic cellular evolution patterns. Despite each device’s rudimentary design and simplicity of function, together they are capable of producing dizzyingly intricate patterns.

Lukas Truniger, Distributive Intelligence, Sonica Glasgow, Lighthouse, 19 - 29 September 2024.

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