SCFMarie Delprat_Ethereal Realms - All Fiction is Metaphor_Erwin Fonseca

Marie Delprat_ Ethereal Realms - All Fiction is Metaphor

26th September 2024
26th September 2024

Sonica Glasgow invites Swiss artists Lukas Truniger and Marie Delprat for its eighth edition. The biennale presents the best of UK talent alongside exceptional international artists, taking place across the city in numerous venues exploring visual music and sonic and digital arts.

Inspired by Ursula K. Le Guin’s science-fiction classic The Left Hand of Darkness, musician Marie Delprat’s live show braids together her investigations into female performance in a post-human world, and the ways in which an artist’s personal experiences inform their practice. Mixing synthesised vocals and live instrumentation, Delprat moves through the space, eroding the barrier between artist and audience and turning a performance into an enquiry into creative endeavour. If all fiction is metaphor, what does that say about the narratives we tell ourselves – and about ourselves?

Marie Delprat, Ethereal Realms - All Fiction is Metaphor, Sonica Glasgow, Tramway, 26 September 2024.

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Photography by Erwin Fonseca